1999’s Officer Of The Order Of Australia Plans E-Cat Reviews In Mullumbimby

Dick Smith is a big man in Australia with quite a few Australian awards behind his belt – in 1986 he was named the Australian of the Year and in 1999 he was titled The Officer of the Order of Australia for his contribution to the Australian way of life. This very man is pulling something else these days and it has directly to do with Andrea Rossi and his Energy Catalyzer. Sidney Herald published a piece entitled Mullumbimby, Helping to Save World, where it talks about an interesting event taking place tonight, on January 13th. Tonight, it says, Dick Smith will unveil his E-Cat reviews, when the Skype conference with Rossi is planned and Ian Bryce, a member of Australian Skeptics and an aerospace engineer, is going to assess the machine on Mr. Smith’s behalf. If Bryce’s E-Cat reviews are “a green light” then Dick Smith awards the group that organizes this event at Mullumbimby’s Ex-Service Club, the Byron New Energy Charitable Trust, with 200,000 American dollars.

According to Sydney Herald, the founder of the trust, Sol Millin, believes that Rossi’s “machine is the single device that could save the world,” even though “a healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing.” Hence the assessment by Bryce, who in turn said: “I’ll need to see some more evidence before committing the money.” The trust and these E-Cat reviews (by Bryce and Smith) are targeted at raising awareness as well as finding potential investors in this technology that can “save the world.”

Some of the things, however, remain a mystery concerning the tonight’s event, though. And one of such things is the assessment of the E-Cat device by Ian Bryce. Rossi is not interested in third parties testing his device. Thus it is a mystery of sorts in that regard, but then again with Rossi we should get used to mysteries as well as his name popping up in all the unexpected places and situations.

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