A Belgian Follower Of E-Cat Reviews His Chances Of Getting His Unit In Autumn. Or Is It Later?

Many Energy Catalyzer Internet supporters celebrated the New Year with excitement, thanks to Andrea Rossi’s announcement concerning household E-Cats coming out in autumn at the price of somewhere in between $1,000 and 1,500 and numbering one million pieces, which actually makes this low price possible. The announcement was made a few days prior to the New Year’s arrival at Rossi’s Journal Of Nuclear Physics blog and then repeated in the interview with James Martinez on Ca$h Flow radio.

This is indeed exciting as now we have a deadline to shoot for and those, who have pre-ordered their pieces, now know what to expect and when to expect it. But what if this is only the case for the American customers? It was reported that Rossi is also in talks with the Home Depot for the role of his distribution. If so, then how will HD be distributing his products to Europe and Asia and Africa and Australia? And what about certifications, will he be obtaining EU ones as well as universal ones? These were some important questions, which one Belgian pre-orderer raised in his question on JONP. This is how this follower of E-Cat reviews put it: “Could [the E-Cat home] also be [available in Europe (Belgium)] be in autumn 2012? Or will the first delivery [be] in America?” Such questions and E-Cat reviews will be raised, and it only makes sense that they are. “Don’t worry, be happy,” sounds like the best advice, and Bobby McFerrin was right all along. Here’s Rossi’s comeback: “When we will put for sale the 10 kW E-Cats (presumably in Autumn 2012) the sales will be made worldwide by internet and by our licensees, the same day all over the world.”

So when similar E-Cat reviews are published, citing the improbability of the worldwide sales domination, we can then cite Rossi’s confident response.

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2 Responses to A Belgian Follower Of E-Cat Reviews His Chances Of Getting His Unit In Autumn. Or Is It Later?

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  2. Bmchan says:

    I’m sorry but this is looking soooooooo much like a con. When I first read of this I was excited and hopeful. I WANT to believe. Over my many years of observing cons (I work in banking so I have been exposed to some amazing cons), there are themes that invariably flow through the process. What strikes me here is that I have a Google search alert set up and the only news generated daily comes from Rossi or blogs. If this had merit, more mainstream news outlets would be reporting on it. The “mainstream conspiracy” is crap.

    The hype that Rossi is generating (self-promotion) is stark in that it is not echoed anywhere and it lacks substance. Finally – the failure to get a patent is telling.

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