Cyclone + E-Cat Reviews And Possibilities: Perhaps A Future Is Unveiling

There is no doubt that we are living in exciting times as the humanity is facing the problems it needs to solve or else it will perish. The peak oil (as well as natural gas and coal), even at the most hopeful measurements, is not too far away and with the way we have been using our resources it is unavoidably arriving. And thus it is up to us to make the change, to make something happen, to invent something that would be the answer to the problem at hand. For some time it had been believed that fission energy is the answer, but judging by Chernobyl, Fukushima and other nuclear disasters it can’t be that, even though nuclear energy is helpful, but not at the prices paid.

Even according to the E-Cat reviews of unbiased scientists and journalists, it could well be that Andrea Rossi has come with the answer. Some E-Cat reviews have been negative claiming the invention to be nothing but a scam (and that is something that needs to be looked into and examined carefully, and Rossi did state that the University of Bologna was replicating his technology for assessment and verification).

The “answer” that Rossi gives, however, comes in the form of thermal energy only, and it would be only one year later that his E-Cats would be generating electricity. If on the other hand it could be connected to some clean energy apparatus that could generate electricity it would perfect for the time being. Disclaimer: it is not issued by Rossi and/or any of his direct team members. Cyclone Power Technologies from Pompano Beach have in fact come up with what is known as the Cyclone Engine, which can perhaps work with an LENR device by means of recycling heat generated by other sources. Perhaps, Cyclone + E-Cat reviews need to be published and this possibility needs to be looked into by both parties.

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  2. Jerry B says:

    Heads Up, Ah .. Cyclone Power Company from Pompano Beach, Florida .. BEWARE they have been around for a long time and have yet to produce a DEMONSTRATION that anyone has seen, two years ago they had a manufacturing deal with China and that’s the last we heard of it, they have a Stock offering and it seems they just can not get anything together, be careful with combining the eCat with the Cyclone we do not want to cloud the water.

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