E-Cat Reviews Concerning Possible Space Heaters Anybody?

There has been a wide array of E-Cat reviews so far. Most of them related to 1 MW plants, which is understandable as these are the only operational entities in the Rossi’s branch of LENR so far. Last week Rossi did announce that the manufacturing of home units would be commenced in a little over than half a year (in the fall), which would then be followed by the sales at the price of $500 a piece, which is at least half the price that was given on December 29th in the interview with Ca$h Flow’s James Martinez ($1,000-1,500). This is the second type of E-Cat reviews that we have seen a few of – in relation to the upcoming household devices. These are based on what is promised and on speculations and not on the actual home modules, as these are not yet in existence. There is a great deal of skepticism still, but with several top-level scientist having given their endorsements of Rossi’s technology, it seems like the ice is being melted, even though there is still quite some convincing to do.

What about E-Cat reviews in relation to space heaters? What space heaters? Exactly, on January 16th one JONP reader asked Rossi if he “could produce a simple E-Cat space heater that anyone could plug into a wall.” Such developments would allow even lesser costs and even greater marketability, as not everybody needs 10 kW of excess heat, whereas 1 kW produced by a portable clean and safe energy device could be right down the alley of quite a larger sector of population.

Plus, a more affordable price (perhaps around $50 a piece) can also play its role in this endeavor. Rossi’s response was very simple, even if somewhat enthusiastic (although non-binding, really): “… good idea. We gotta study it.”

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