One Of Preorderers Of E-Cat Reviews His Order And Rossi Clarifies The Issue

On January 10th certain Keith W. from UK reviewed his preorder with Rossi, asking whether he should be expecting his E-Cat in august (perhaps just a typo and/or a misread with “autumn”) and whether certifications for EU are in the process of acquisition. Rossi’s answer was two-folded, just like the question: “Attention: I did not say that we will begin to deliver in August, I said we can be ready to make order confirmations in Autumn,” and “We are making the certification.”

There are still quite a few questions that will definitely be raised in the E-Cat reviews that the preorderers will be asking, and it is good that Rossi keeps his “audience” in the know. Perhaps some of the things could be elaborated a little more, but all in all it is very helpful to see Rossi publishing his E-Cat reviews on the JONP blog and to see him interact with his readers. He once said that the prices would be at one level. Then he dropped down the price quote. Then it happened again. And now he says that the robotization of the factory where E-Cats are going to manufactured “the price would be squeezed down as much as possible.” Such E-Cat reviews, I’m sure, the readers and buyers do appreciate.

So, the certifications are being made, and the preorders are going to be confirmed in autumn with hopes to start delivering the goods within this year, and the factory is being “robotized” – these are quite significant matters that Andrea Rossi has taken the time to iron out for his (future) customers. That is not to say that there would be no skeptics and scam-theory perpetrators and “snakes,” but it’s good to know that Rossi is on it and is getting ready for the “revolution” to unleash (in fact he is the one who is reading the revolution)!


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