Mark Gibbs Publishes His E-Cat Reviews Once Again, But Doesn’t Quite Take NI Into The Account

Mark Gibbs of Forbes has been following the developments in the camp of Andrea Rossi and his Energy Catalyzer for quite a while now and with great fervor, which is testified to by his E-Cat reviews. He does not seem to have bought into the buzz surrounding it, but does not seem to have jumped on the bandwagon of the “die-hard atheists.” He is somewhere in between as his previous E-Cat reviews display, with a little tilt to the “don’t believe” side of the boat, but he really sounds like he wants to believe: “Is the basis of their belief that they just want the E-Cat to be real?… So, tell me: If you voted “yes”, what is the basis of your belief?” This is what he has written in his little piece on Forbes on January 8 as a response to the survey he held asking people about their stand concerning the invention of Andrea Rossi. (The survey was rather plausible, where 44+% are in favor of Catalyzers and some have given their brief E-Cat reviews of why they believe it to be genuine.) Continue reading

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Cyclone + E-Cat Reviews And Possibilities: Perhaps A Future Is Unveiling

There is no doubt that we are living in exciting times as the humanity is facing the problems it needs to solve or else it will perish. The peak oil (as well as natural gas and coal), even at the most hopeful measurements, is not too far away and with the way we have been using our resources it is unavoidably arriving. And thus it is up to us to make the change, to make something happen, to invent something that would be the answer to the problem at hand. For some time it had been believed that fission energy is the answer, but judging by Chernobyl, Fukushima and other nuclear disasters it can’t be that, even though nuclear energy is helpful, but not at the prices paid. Continue reading

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The Italian Engineer Behind The E-Cat Reviews The (Lack of) Agreement With The Home Depot

Andrea Rossi, the engineer behind the invention of E-Cat, reviews – or rather follows up on – what he made known on December 29th in the one-hour interview with James Martinez at Cash Flow radio, that he is “in talks with Home Depot” regarding the distribution of Energy Catalyzers. It makes sense that the author of E-Cat reviews this statement, confirming that he is still “in talks with them,” but also making sure the public knows that they “did not reach any agreement with Home Depot yet.” Perhaps some have taken it the wrong way, as Rossi seems to want to make his point across by the qualifier “Important” preceding the statement, and three exclamation marks following it. However, the “in talks” is also a positive statement, which may mean that the Home Depot’s coming on board with Rossi is still possible. Rossi also adds that he is “in discussions also with other organizations” concerning the distribution issue. Continue reading

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A Belgian Follower Of E-Cat Reviews His Chances Of Getting His Unit In Autumn. Or Is It Later?

Many Energy Catalyzer Internet supporters celebrated the New Year with excitement, thanks to Andrea Rossi’s announcement concerning household E-Cats coming out in autumn at the price of somewhere in between $1,000 and 1,500 and numbering one million pieces, which actually makes this low price possible. The announcement was made a few days prior to the New Year’s arrival at Rossi’s Journal Of Nuclear Physics blog and then repeated in the interview with James Martinez on Ca$h Flow radio. Continue reading

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In Spite Of Positive E-Cat Reviews And LENR Endorsements, Skepticism Seems To Prevail

LENR and/or cold fusion are not yet where they should be, and not they are not where they once were. It used to be even “forbidden” to think out loud in these terms, if you considered yourself to be a scientist. Things have obviously changed since 1990s and 2000s, but it’s not where it should be either, as many turn away from the developments in Andrea Rossi’s corner, where he has been claiming to have produced energy by means of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) since early 2011, when he first presented his E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) to the public and then held quite a few hands-on tests and demonstrations with some big physicists and chemists in attendance. He further claims to have sold 13 1MW plants and is getting ready for the unleashing of household devices in autumn of this year with the number of manufactured products reaching 1 million pieces. Continue reading

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