PESN’s Sterling Allan And Andrea Rossi Present Their E-Cat Reviews On The Smart Scarecrow Radio

It seems as though Andrea Rossi is becoming more and more familiar with radio shows. First there was Cash Flow with James Martinez (on December 29th) and now it’s the Smart Scarecrow Radio Show with Gary Hendershot, which took place over the weekend (on January 14th). Gary was very kind and he already uploaded the video on YouTube, and the transcription of the interview that Rossi gave him and PESN’s Sterling D. Allan. The interview was held on the day of the one-year anniversary of Energy Catalyzer. One year ago, on January 14th 2011 the device was presented at the press conference in Bologna. 2011 truly was an exciting year, and according to the interview given and the E-Cat reviews for 2012 this year is bursting at the seams with much activity and great plans.

This interview is also fascinated that unlike other E-Cat reviews, the author of this revolutionary device himself present his own view on and hope for the developments concerning his device and what it can do the world we all live in. In this interview the father of E-Cat reviews not only the present, but also the past and he got into the controversial technology that is known as cold fusion and/or LENR. Here is a little excerpt concerning Sergio Focardi’s arrival onto the E-Cat scene and his initial role in this, “I must say that initially I asked him to be a consultant to us, to show me that my system could never work. To make me free from it, because it was an obsession. It was too good to be true.”

Interestingly, Rossi had also been a non-believer about that, which he now supports, endorses and develops into the technology that may become the ultimate catalyst for the world change – economically, socially and even politically.

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