The Author Of E-Cat Reviews The Price For Home Units – From 4,000 Euros To $1,500 To $500

The price for home units of Andrea Rossi has thankfully been unstable and has been going down even before hitting the market. When the news of home E-Cats first hit the web, which was in November, it was announced that the price would be in the ballpark of 4,000 euros for a 10 kW unit. That was a much lower price than what 1 MW plants cost, and yet everyday Joes and Janes would definitely have wanted a lower figure. Then to the surprise of many, over the course of the last week of 2011 Rossi made a few statements on his JONP blog, which were then reiterated over the course of the interview with the Ca$h Flow’s host James Martinez on December 29th. He stated that the price would now be 1,500 or even 1,000 US bucks. That brought quite some joy among the camp of Energy Catalyzer.

No E-Cat reviews have yet surfaced describing the possible change in price. But then again Rossi himself speaks of the reason behind the potential change. It has to do with robotizing the factory where the modules are going to be manufactured. Once that is achieved, a great deal of costs involved that influence the ultimate price goes away, and thus it’s possible to go down on the price of the product.

That is not all, however, only two weeks into the new year, and the author of E-Cat reviews the price yet again, and now it is hoped to be somewhere around $400-500, which is lower than even the boldest hopes of any E-Cat followers and customers. When he was asked about the low price, here are his E-Cat reviews concerning the issue: “… this technology must be for all.” Plain and simple he is driven by the desire to make it affordable by everyone and thus it would then benefit everyone.

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