The Italian Engineer Behind The E-Cat Reviews The (Lack of) Agreement With The Home Depot

Andrea Rossi, the engineer behind the invention of E-Cat, reviews – or rather follows up on – what he made known on December 29th in the one-hour interview with James Martinez at Cash Flow radio, that he is “in talks with Home Depot” regarding the distribution of Energy Catalyzers. It makes sense that the author of E-Cat reviews this statement, confirming that he is still “in talks with them,” but also making sure the public knows that they “did not reach any agreement with Home Depot yet.” Perhaps some have taken it the wrong way, as Rossi seems to want to make his point across by the qualifier “Important” preceding the statement, and three exclamation marks following it. However, the “in talks” is also a positive statement, which may mean that the Home Depot’s coming on board with Rossi is still possible. Rossi also adds that he is “in discussions also with other organizations” concerning the distribution issue.

Whatever it is and whoever the distributor is going to be, we may rest assured that all angles have been explored and the right partner will be chosen. That seems to have been the policy of Andrea Rossi. I mean look at the secrecy surrounding the invention of Rossi, where E-Cat reviews published can’t tell us anything that has not been revealed by the inventor himself. There has been no data leakage so far, so the partners the personnel working Rossi have been chosen well, which can only mean one thing – the selection process is a serious matter for Rossi.

We do know of one distributor and that’s the Swedish company of Hydro Fusion, who were called “brothers” by Rossi and who are responsible for launching, where preorders can be made. Who is going to join them in the same capacity – that of the distributor – is for now a mystery that is sooner or later going to go public.

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